Almost everyone who uses a Smartphone must know about Emojis. The emoji has become an integral part of every IM’ers.

Without emojis, chat applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Snaptube, and other such application wouldn’t be as interesting as it is today with Emojis.

Emojis are an excellent way how you convey your expression to the other person you are chatting with through the chat application, Facebook messenger, or instant messaging software on the computer.

Every Instant messaging application or software such as Skype comes with a huge number of emojis because people love them and send them to the person they are talking to let them know the current status of their mood.

Whether you are Happy, Sad, Being Sarcastic, Joyful, Thoughtful, Feeling energetic, or positive, you have the emojis to express those emotions.

When you talk through the instant messaging apps, you don’t get to see others’ expressions and that’s where we use Emojis.

If the person you are talking to says something you didn’t like, you can express your feeling by sending the “Angry Face” emoji.

There are hundreds of emojis and not all of them are popular. There is a handful of emojis which we generally use in our day-to-day conversation with people.

However, many people use a few only because they do not know the meaning of other emojis.

Sometimes people get trolled for using the wrong emoji because they do not know the meaning, you don’t’ want to be one of them. So check out the Emoji meanings before you send them to others.

To help those of my friends, I’ve created this website and explained the meaning of each and every emoji. Once you know the meaning of the emoji, you can use them when needed.

I have explained Snapchat Emoji meanings, WhatsApp emoji meanings, Skype Emoji meanings, and many others.

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