WhatsApp Eat & Drink Emojis Meanings

WhatsApp Eat & Drink Emojis Meanings

Who from this era don’t know about emojis? Now if you are a time traveller coming from the past then can’t say anything about you but if you are from this time and dimension, it’s hard to not know about emojis.

Emojis are ideograms and smileys that we use in our social media and chat stations to portray our emotions, and basically to satisfy our lazy needs of not typing more.

These emojis are somewhat like emoticons though they are more actual pictures than typographics. In this article, we are going to talk about the emojis that represent foods and drinks.Eat & Drink Emojis Meanings

Drink & Food Emojis Meanings

The Green Apple emoji (🍏)

This emoji is the logo of one of the very famous companies. As they say β€œAn apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

This emoji generally represents health and is one of the most favourite fruit for the people of Germany. It is believed that green apple is also recognized as a symbol of friendship.

The Red Apple emoji(🍎)

The red apple emoji has great symbolic importance which represents love, the fall of mankind, temptation and the expulsion from heaven.

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It is known to many that the famous character of Snow White was poisoned by the almighty queen with a red apple.

Apple means β€œbad, fatal, and evil β€œin Latin. It is also used as a direct representation of a healthy lifestyle.

The Pear emoji(🍐)

Pear is one of the most famous fruits and is very healthy. The shape of the pear somewhat resembles the female figure, so it is also used in that meaning too. This is famously known as being blessed with the children.

The Tangerine emoji (🍊)

Tangerine generally sweetens in the winter season. January 4th is known as a holiday for the popular citrus fruit.

The shape and colour of the fruit generally resemble the sun and it also represents the new Year of China as well as happiness and abundance.

The Banana emoji (🍌)

When someone becomes crazy, they are called as they have gone bananas or have a banana problem.

In many cultures and parts of the world, the fruit banana is a delicacy and is considered a very healthy and pious fruit. It is also used as a symbol of fertility by many.

The Watermelon emoji (πŸ‰)

Whenever we see the watermelon fruit, the summer season immediately comes to mind. This juicy fruit actually exists for holidays, hot scorching summer days, healthy eating and stone spitting contests.

The emoji of the watermelon represents the pure bliss of love. It is also generally said or believed that they have a positive effect on ability.

The Grapes emoji (πŸ‡)

The grapes emoji symbolizes something incomplete or some desires unaccomplished. The grapes, hanging too high represents the wishes which are unattainable or the goals which are unreachable.

The grape is generally understood as a sign of good health and well being. Grapes are a symbol and also raw material for wine.

The Strawberry emoji (πŸ“)

The strawberry portrays something sweet. So it can also represent something or someone, who is very sweet!

The strawberry fruit genuinely stands for summer holidays and scorch sunny days well with flowers, a bottle of champagne and chocolates.

It is also a symbol of sensuality and romance. It can also be used as wonderful hours for a couple.

The Cherries emoji (πŸ’)

As they say that someone is always cherry-picking or that she is the cherry on the cake where the cherry is used to indicate the feathers on a cap!

Cherry is frequently known as a summer fruit, though they can also represent love as their shapes somewhat resemble the shape of a heart.

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People generally tend to see it as a symbol of the kiss and full lips. Cherries also work as a symbol for self-discovery in Japan.

The Mango emoji (πŸ₯­)

India has become somewhat synonymous to Mangoes. Mangoes are a delicacy in the summer season, available all over India.

The emoji is a ripe fruit version of tropical mango. The exotic Indian delicacy is juicy, sweet, tender and delicious and is considered as the national food of India.

According to Indian legends, the fruit is the food of the gods. So it stands for delicacy, pious and as something of high value.

The Pineapple emoji (🍍)

The pineapple is considered as the queen of fruits. It is generally grown as a fruit plant in the tropics ideally near the equator. The fruit is very juicy and sweet.

Pineaapple represents joy, happiness and enjoyment. But it can also be used as calling someone a β€œPineapple faceβ€œ which is a rude way of describing someone who has many pimples or scars in their faces.

The Fried Egg in frying Pan emoji (🍳)

Well well well! Who doesn’t love eggs? The emoji shows a fried egg which is sizzling in the pan.

This emoji is generally believed as a symbol to express that someone is cooking something or to express something that is related to cooking at least.

The chunk Of Cheese emoji (πŸ§€)

Cheese is something which anybody just can not hate. This particular emoji can also be used to represent dairy products in general.

Cheese is also a very famous statement generally used by photographers for everyone to ask to smile on the picture as saying cheese brings a smile in the faces both literally and metaphorically.

The Slice Of Pizza emoji (πŸ•)

This emoji is the representation of Pizza salami, the most popular pizza in Germany and other parts of the world.

This food has become a representation of cosy evenings spent with friends with a beer of course or actually to survive through a hangover after a day of heavy drinking.

The Beer Mug emoji (🍺)

The slice of pizza emoji is worthless without the beer mug emoji. Hops, water, malt and yeast are used for brewing a beer in Germany.

To say cheers to the friends or to let someone know about what kind of a drink he or she fancies, no emoji can be of better use!