WhatsApp Symbol & Object Emojis Meanings

WhatsApp Symbol & Object Emojis Meanings

Emojis have become an essential part of our life recently. We use them now and then over different social media. If we take a look at them carefully we will see that there are many genres of them. One of the genres is the ‘objects emoji’. Here we are going to talk about these ‘objects emoji’ in details.

Symbol & Object WhatsApp Emojis Meanings

List of Symbol & Object Emojis with Meanings

  • World map (πŸ—ΊοΈ):

Here comes our very first emoji of the genre of β€˜objects emoji’. This is an emoji of the map of the world. It is rectangular in shape. Usually, it is displayed as a paper map. Here the surface of the Earth is marked in green on the blue ocean.

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By using this you can indicate simply a map or you may indicate exploration, traveling and geography. This emoji can also represent various subjects related to the world as a whole, such as – an international or global issue.

  • Watch (⌚):

Everyone uses wristwatch nowadays. This emoji refers to a wristwatch which is used for time telling. The representation of this emoji may vary from one operating system to another.

But generally, it appears as an analog timepiece. It has a white face and black or brown straps. You can use it to suggest anything related to time or watch as an accessory.

  • Love letter (πŸ’Œ):

It is a white envelope. The white envelope is sealed with a seal of a red heart or you may call it a red heart sticker. Definitely, it contains a love letter.

  • Bomb (πŸ’£):

This emoji represents the image of a bomb. The bomb has a lit fuse. By using this emoji you can indicate something that is soon to explode.

  • Kitchen knife (πŸ”ͺ):

Our next emoji is of a kitchen knife. It is a knife with a steel blade. The blade is long indeed. This type of knife is usually used by the chefs to cut meat or vegetables.

Generally, it is depicted with a brown or black handle. The knife is positioned at a 45-degree angle pointing at the lower right. This emoji of kitchen knife also represents different senses of stabbing or cutting.

  • Amphora (🏺):

This emoji of an amphora not to be confused with funeral urn as both of them have many similarities. Amphora is a ceramic jar which is tall and has two handles and a narrow foot and neck. Amphora was often used by the Greeks and the Romans to store water or wine.

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The amphora is depicted as a reddish-brown earthenware decorated with Greek meander pattern which is black. This emoji of amphora has two different connotations also.

You may indicate vases, museums, pottery, antiquity, and history by using this emoji or you may use it to indicate the zodiac sign of Aquarius, who bares water.

  • Compass (🧭):

This is an emoji of a magnetic compass. It is used in navigation. Generally, it is shown in a gold or silver case with a red-tipped needle and a compass rose.

This emoji refers to any content related to exploring and traveling as well as moral compasses. Here you can see the initials of the four cardinal directions, North, South, East, Waste.

One should not be confused with timepiece emoji or various clock emoji.

  • Brick (🧱):

It is an emoji of red brick or bricks. It is represented in a loose stack. Commonly it is used for various concerns related to buildings and constructions.

  • Oil drum (πŸ›’οΈ):

It is an image of a barrel which is used for transporting liquids, like oil. Usually depicted as a blue or red metal drum with a stopper or a hole on its lid.

Generally used for different content concerning hazardous waste or petroleum. This emoji comes with a drop of yellow oil in Google’s design whereas Samsung designed it with a yellow hazard symbol.

  • Bellhop bell (πŸ›ŽοΈ):

We often hear the sound of a call bell at any front desk or reception to alert staff for service, such as- from a bellhop to carry the baggage at a hotel.

This emoji represents the same bell. Usually shown as a gold colored bell on a stand made of wood.

If you want to alert someone or draw someone’s attention to any important content you can use this. This emoji may be used for anything related to service industries or hospitality.

  • Hourglass done (βŒ›):

This emoji is an image of a classic hourglass. According to the image, all of its sand is flowed into the bottom bulb indicating time had passed.

In different platforms of social media, the color of the hourglass varies. You can use this emoji for any content related to time. It may also be used to refer to hourglass-shaped figures. One should not confuse it with the hourglass not done emoji where the sand is still flowing.

  • Thermometer (🌑️):

By using a thermometer emoji you can refer to anything related to temperature as the thermometer is used to measure temperature. Generally, it indicates the hotness of the weather. From another perspective, it may be used to indicate illness also.

  • Umbrella on ground (⛱️):

In this emoji, we see an umbrella planted on sand as shade protection, often in a park or at a beach.

  • Balloon (🎈):

The emoji of a balloon is often used to refer any celebration like birthday, marriage etc. In most platforms available online the emoji of the balloon is depicted as a red one. Except Samsung presents it as a blue one.

  • Wind chime emoji (🎐):

Are you fond of decorating your home? If yes then this emoji is apt for you. Though this emoji is called as a wind chime it looks more like a wind bell.

In Japan, this is very popular. And from this emoji, we can understand that it is made of glass.

  • Mobile phone emoji (πŸ“±):

Here comes the emoji which represents the most favorite gadget of ours, mobile phone. The mobile phone which is known as cellular or cell phone is depicted by this emoji. Different social media represent it in different ways.

So, these are some objects emoji that we generally use while texting. There are a lot of them over different social media. As there are new things invented daily we can expect that this genre will be more populated in the near future.