Smiley & People Emoji List with their Meanings

Smiley & People Emojis with their Meanings

There are thousands of WhatsApp emojis but do you stick to the same 3 emojis every time that you text? Well, it is the problem faced by many because most people don’t understand the meaning of emojis.

While expressing your elation you might often need to use a variety of emojis to make the other person feel like you are actually happy.

So what are some of the happy WhatsApp emojis that you can use for your friends and family?

Well, you will no longer be confused regarding the appropriate emoji for happy occasions with this guide that will also enlighten you about the meaning of every happy emoji.Smiley & People Emojis Meanings

So take a look at some of the emojis that are going to make your happy day, happier.

Some of the happy emojis to use

  • Grinning face and smiling eyes – if you want the other person to feel like you are having a light-hearted laugh then this is the most appropriate emoji for you to use.

Suitable for all those times you are kind of embarrassed and blushing but at the same time extremely happy for something.

  • Smiling mouth with closed eyes – every time your friend cracks that one inappropriate joke and you are racking with laughter, this is the emoji most fit for the occasion.

Heard something incredibly funny? Well, this is the emoji to show people that you cannot contain your laughter, so laugh your heart out and send this emoji.

  • Rolling on the floor laughing – this can easily be your most-used emoji in no time. This is a smiley face with closed eyes and tears running down your eyes, which is often the case when you are in a fit of laughter.

Suitable for all the times you feel like you are literally rolling on the floor because of some humorous thing that has happened.

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The best part about this emoji is that it is tilted so you get the essence of boundless laughing via this unique emoji.

  • Emoji with party blower and hat – for all those times you want to celebrate the happiness of someone else with a party, this is the best emoji that you can put to use.

Carnival season, festival, concert, suitable for all the happy events that you can think of. To jazz up the boring chat with this colorful and brand new WhatsApp emoji to add life to the entire conversation.

  • Ghost emoji – feeling mischievous and at the same time cute? The peek-a-boo ghost emoji is too adorable to be ignored during happy times.

This funny and smiling ghost is sure to lighten up any conversation. Feeling happy? Just send it to others and bask in the happiness that you just received.

  • Grinning cat face – are you in a really joyous mood and want the express it. the cat emoji’s face says it all. With closed eyes and a grinning mouth, this happy emoji is one that you cannot miss.

Also if you are feeling feline then this is the most appropriate emoji that you can use with your partner. Happy kitty? Everyone loves that, so use it today!

  • Smiley face with big eyes and open mouth – this is probably the most used happy emoji by everyone. with wide and cheerful eyes and a mouth that has a big curve in it, this emoji expresses enthusiasm.

So if you are happy and at the same time super cheerful for something that is about to happen, make sure you use this emoji at all those times. It is going to make your texting partner feel happier than ever before.

  • Upside down smiley face – are you feeling quirky and at the same time really ecstatic about something good that has happened. The upside-down smiley emoji is a great way to express your happiness as well as uniqueness at the same time.

While everyone is going to use the usual happy emojis to express their feelings, you can use this upside-down one to add a nice twist to the entire conversation. Great for conversation starters as well.

  • Blushing emoji – feeling bliss with yourself? Content and happy and at the same time blushing? This is the emoji that goes perfectly with that feeling. Suitable for all those times you feel the flush of red on your cheeks out of happiness.

So every time your crush confesses, make sure to show your happiness with this blushing emoji. This is also a great reply for any kind of compliment that you receive for any action.

  • Smirking face with starry eyes – if you are feeling mischievous and happy at the same time then this starry eyes emoji is the one to use.

Full of anticipation and fascination, this Is one hell of an emoji to use, every time you are feeling excited. So express exactly what you feel with the starry eyes emoji that brings out the excitement and the fun lively nature of your character.

  • Dancing girl with the red dress– shows you are so happy to know about something that you are feeling to dance. Great to show about the excitement and the happy-go-lucky nature yours.

Show others that you are so happy that you are breaking into a dance hearing about the news. So put on those party shoes and red party dress and dance away with this super fun WhatsApp emoji.

So these are some of the best happy emojis that you can use on your WhatsApp. You are going to love the vibe that you receive from the other person when you use these emojis in the conversation.

Keep it light, breezy, and humorous with the best and the funniest of emojis that are listed here. So what are you waiting for? go check them out immediately and use them as much as you want. bring out your happiness with these marvelous emojis.