Snapchat Emojis Meanings

Snapchat has become one of the most famous and versatile social platforms for today’s youth among other things with so much to offer and so many features.

Among many of those, one feature is called Snapchat friend emojis.

Now we have all used the emojis at a given point in time but never really gave thought to what exactly do they mean? We are going to talk about that precisely in this article.

Now in the case that you are a frequent Snapchat user, you are bound to notice the emojis that appear beside the name of your friends in the friend’s tab.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Now we all know these emojis portray the kind of conversational usage of the same chat. Both you and your friend’s use of Snapchat is denoted by this.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Snapchat emojis meanings- what they mean, their uses, etc.

Now if you are an active user or Snapchatoholic, this is a must-read for you. In the end, we are sure you will have a complete idea about the emoji world.

So now, let’s start the emoji exploration of Snapchat.

What exactly these things called “emojis” are?

Emojis used in Snapchat are unique tools that keep track of the specifications in which you and your partner talk.

The specifications of the emojis depend on the longevity of the conversation between you and your friend, the specifications, and the time frame of your snaps, and can also be dependent on the other friends and factors.

At the initial times of Snapchat, a “best friend” feature was introduced. But the whole thing was about making public the names of people, with who you have interacted frequently.

So basically this paved to way for others to take a sneak peek at your profile to see the names of people with who you have interacted mostly.

Becoming a privacy issue, this feature was eventually removed as several celebrities, active on Snapchat, were becoming concerned about the fact that their connections or contacts were being publicized by this feature which eventually became a headache for them.

To be honest, many think that the emoji program that is used today in Snapchat is far well crafted and safe for Snapchat than this “best friend” fiasco as no privacy issues are concerned with the current bouquet of emojis.

Snapchat emojis’ meanings :

A total number of 13 emojis are present on Snapchat today and we will be telling you the meaning of all of them.





BabyFace Babyface

This emoji is kind of like a welcome drink on Snapchat. You can expect this emoji when you are new to Snapchat.

Another very common reason to see this emoji is to connect with or add someone to your friend’s list.

In that case, also you are more like to see this baby face emoji show up a lot on your Snapchat.

Smiling Face Smiling face

Now, this emoji is connected with the whole best friend thing obviously but without the privacy fiasco.

But this emoji does not mean that they are literally your best friends.

This simply denotes that maybe you are very much active with them or snap with them in a very frequent manner or they snap to you frequently.

In these cases, there are high chances for this emoji to be shown.

Grimace Face

A grimace emoji is basically a provocation just to make you jealous. We are just kidding.

It basically means that you are sharing your friend or your Snapchat best friend with some other guy.

This simply means that if you are frequently snapping with someone he or she may be talking to a third party frequently too or they talk frequently with someone with whom you have frequent contact too.

Face with SunGlasses Sunglass Face

This basically is associated with sharing a close friendship with someone. First, let’s understand the basic difference between a close and a best friend.

So a close friend is someone on Snapchat who snaps with you frequently but not frequently enough to become your best friend.

Smirking Face Smirk

Now the meaning of this emoji is very evil. If you spot this emoji, you can be assured that you are best friends with the person you are talking to but he or she certainly is not your best friend.

In simple terms, this emoji means that you are the person with whom the person is talking most but he or she is not the one with whom you are doing the same.

Gold Heart Yellow Heart

All right! All right! If you see this emoji then congratulations! It basically means that you are snapping ass best friends!

That means in both ways, you send him the most snaps and he sends you the most snaps mutually.

Red Heart snapchat emoji Red Heart

This heart business is pretty much the same. It basically means the same thing that you have been best friends with that person but in this case, you have been that for a minimum time span of two weeks. Well in that case bon voyage!

Pink Hearts snapchat emoji Pink Heart

  As we have said, this heart business is pretty much the same.

It basically means the same thing that you have been best friends with that person but in this case, you have been that for a minimum time span of two months.

Okay, that is pretty much an awesome achievement.

Fire snapchat emoji Fire emoji

When this emoji appears it means that you have contacted the person for a consecutive 3days time period. This effect is called a snaps streak.

When you hit one, you get the fire emoji. P.S it is not applied for texts, you have to use snaps to get them to be counted.

Hundred snapchat emoji 100 emoji

Well well well one of the most famous emojis on Snapchat around the world. This coveted 100 emoji is shown when you have a snap streak running with that person for a straight 100 days. Well done!

HourGlass snapchat emoji Hourglass

his emoji denotes basically that your snapping with the person is going to be jeopardized very soon so you need to be more active and more happening to get the conversation and snapping on trackback again.

Gold Sparkles snapchat emoji Sparkle Emoji

A very recent addition to the Snapchat platform has been the ability to send snaps to multiple persons at the same time.

This emoji basically works as a sign of that. After the names of all those persons with whom you have been snapping at the same time, you will see these sparkle emojis as a reminder maybe.

Birthday Cake snapchat emoji Birthday Cake

Now In the case that you are surfing your contacts list and you see this emoji, it means you have found them on their birthdays.

This emoji floats on the day your friends have registered at the time of signing up for Snapchat as their birthdays.

So come on, be a social guy and wish them a very happy birthday!