Burst out your ANGER through these Angry Emojis

Burst out your ANGER through these Angry Emojis

Nowadays, the world is going gaga over a particular Japanese word. Yes, you guessed it correctly, the word is none other than ’emoji’.

In this twenty-first century, we cannot imagine our lives in social media without the word ’emoji’ which has a resemblance to ’emotion’, an English word. Simply emoji are smileys.

Originated in 1997 in Japan, Popularized in 2010 emoji have been added to every operating system of mobile afterward.

At the very beginning emoji became an inseparable part of the culture of the West, then in this age of globalization, it gradually became a part of Eastern culture too.

In WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and in other social media we find emoji divided according to their genres.

There are some emoji expressing facial expressions, such as the face with tears of joy emoji, some emoji referring to a particular place, such as, house, post office, etc, animals such as, cow, dog, cat, etc, or things such as, knife, umbrella etc.

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Amongst these different genres of emoji, the most popular genre is undoubtedly the facial expressions one.

This genre is so popular that Oxford Dictionaries announced the face with tears of joy emoji as the word of the Year, in 2015.

Sometimes it is pretty hard to convey your emotions through words and as words are not sufficient to convey emotions to the person who is on the other side of the phone, emoji come to rescue us in this situation.

From another point of view using emoji can also save you time as well.

You click the smiley section of any social media application, if you are happy, select any smiling emoji of your choice.

Your time is saved and your work is done, it is as simple as that.

To beat one another in the rat race of today’s life we are using emoji mostly to save our time.

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Instead of concentrating on the gloomy side let’s speak about the bright side. Emojis can also add an edge to your writing.

If you add emoji after crisp writing you can express yourself verbally as well as emotionally.

Angry Emojis Meanings

Using emoji can include an element of fun in a long essay. Emoji have a huge, fat family as it makes themselves available for any form of emotions.

Over a certain period of time, almost all operating systems have developed their own set of emoji.

More or less all emoji are popular, be it a colorful one or be it a monochromatic one.

Emojis have become so inseparable that they have become a necessity of our social media lives. We usually use it more out of our habit than the need for it.

Coming to the genres of the firmament of emoji.

If we select the genre of facial expressions, it is divided into many kinds. Apart from the most popular smiling emoji, there are a few angry emoji.

Though small in number the angry emoji can have massive impacts on any conversation.

As previously mentioned you have to be very careful while using these. Here, we are going to discuss the variants of angry emoji.

Types of angry emojis

So, roughly there are 4 types of angry emoji described as followings-

  • Angry Face: This is the most basic and simple emoji of this angry emoji genre. It is a yellow face having a frowning mouth. Besides this, its eyes and eyebrows are scrunched downward.

Google features this same emoji reddish in color and Facebook features it with clenched teeth. To show simple anger one can use it.

Amongst the four popular angry emoji in WhatsApp, this is the most popular one. It does not convey serious anger or rage. Sometimes it conveys pseudo-anger also.

  • The Pouting Face Emoji: This emoji bears some resemblance to the angry face. It is also a face that has an angry expression. The face also has a frowning mouth and its eyes and mouth are scrunched downward.

According to the degree of anger, one can use it. Mostly it is used for intense hate or rage. One should not confuse this emoji with the ‘person with pouting face’ emoji.

There is another variant of this particular emoji, called the ‘pouting cat face’ emoji.

  • Face with Steam from Nose: Again this is a yellow face. This angry yellow face consists of closed eyes, broad frowns, and furrowed eyebrows. There are two puffs of hot steam blowing out the nose.

Originally it was called ‘face with a look of triumph’. Later it was interpreted as an emoji conveying anger, irritation, and contempt.

  • Face with Symbols on Mouth: it is an angry red face. It has a black bar and white grawlixes are there covering its mouth. The grawlixes are indicating that it is swearing or it is being vulgar.

The typographical symbols or the grawlixes (e.g., @#$%&!) represent obscenities or swear words. It is used often to convey excessive anger, frustration, or rage.

These emoji come in different forms on different social media.

There are slight changes in the shapes and colors of the faces of the emoji.

But their meanings stay the same. As angry emoji are few in number this genre is less confusing.

They are so few in number that sometimes they are hard to find.

But the world has enough of rage and anger out there, so it’s better to use the angry emoji less in our social media lives.

These four above-mentioned emoji have something or another similar to each other.

You can use any of these four emoji to express your anger, frustration, rage, or anguish.

But as days are passing by every social media application is updating itself.

Besides the updating applications, human anger is also updating itself to the next level.

Those variants of anger also have to be expressed through emoji sooner or later.

So, the operating systems are adding more and more emoji one after another. So it is going to be crowded soon!