WhatsApp Activities Emojis Meanings

Activities emojis to brighten up your day!

Nowadays we can not think of our lives without social media. And when we talk about social media it will be an injustice if we don’t mention the role of emoji. There are various kinds of emoji over different social media.

We can divide them into different genres. One of them is definitely the genre of ‘activities emoji’. So here we are going to talk about this particular genre of emoji in details-Activities emojis meanings

Boxing glove emoji (πŸ₯Š):

Here comes our first emoji of the genre of activities emoji. It indicates a sport called boxing. It is a padded boxing glove. The emoji is usually red in colour.

Badminton emoji (🏸):

This emoji comprises of a badminton racket and a shuttlecock. By using this emoji you may suggest the badminton game.

American football emoji (🏈):

Who doesn’t love to watch American football? So, here comes the emoji of American football. This emoji is the image of a brown American football.

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By using this emoji of the oval ball you can refer to the game of American football which is also known as gridiron in various countries.

Soccer ball emoji (⚽):

Is one will be wrong if one calls soccer the most popular game in the world? Hopefully, the answer will be a no.

So, this is an image of a black and white, round soccer ball. This emoji suggests the very game of soccer which is also known as football in much of the world.

Basketball emoji (πŸ€):

This emoji refers to another popular game. An orange coloured basketball is shown with a hoop in this emoji.

There are many versions of this emoji which are available in different operating systems. Some versions omit the hoop and display only the basketball.

Cricket emoji (🏏):

You can use this emoji and indicate the sport of cricket. This emoji comprises of a cricket bat which is yellow in colour and a red cricket ball is also displayed just beside the bat. In some other versions, a wicket may also be present.

Baseball emoji (⚾):

Originally started in England baseball is also quite popular all over the world. This particular emoji represents a white baseball which has red stitching on it.

Softball emoji (πŸ₯Ž):

The game which is played with a softball is a variant of baseball. Here we are talking about the emoji of a softball. Softball is generally a bit larger than the usual baseball.

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But from the emoji, it is harder to tell which is bigger between baseball and softball. In this emoji usually, a green coloured softball is displayed.

It has red stitching on it. The colour of the softball is different in the different operating system.

Tennis racquet and ball emoji(🎾):

Just like the badminton emoji by using this emoji you can refer to tennis. In this emoji, we can see a tennis racquet and a green coloured ball.

In some versions the racquet is not displayed, only the ball is there. This emoji has similarities with the badminton emoji.

Volleyball emoji (🏐):

The sport, volleyball is popular amongst the youths. In this emoji, a white volleyball is shown. By using this emoji you can indicate this particular game.

Rugby football emoji (πŸ‰):

Rugby is much more famous in England than in the eastern countries of the word. The game, rugby is a variant of football. Now here we have the emoji of a rugby football.

It is an oval shaped ball. The major portion of the ball in the emoji isΒ  Also it has a red lining.

Flying disk emoji (πŸ₯):

Playing with a flying disk can make your outing exciting. Over many social media apps, we find the emoji of a flying disk.

It is commonly known as a frisbee. Flying disk is used in the sport called Ultimate Frisbee or disc golf.

Pool 8 Ball emoji (🎱):

Pool is a common version of the game of billiards. Here the emoji of this game is represented by a black 8 ball which looks like the Magic 8-Ball toy.

Most platforms available over internet displays this emoji with this same convention. Samsung displays it with a triangular arrangement of various coloured balls and a cue.

Ice hockey stick and puck emoji (πŸ’):

A hockey stick and a puck are used in the sport called ice hockey. One should not be confused with the field hockey stick and ball emoji as it has similarities with the ice hockey and puck emoji.

Field hockey emoji (πŸ‘):

A hockey stick and a ball are used while playing field hockey. One should not be confused with the ice hockey stick and puck.

Bow and arrow emoji (🏹):

Here comes the emoji which denotes the game of archery. Here in this emoji, we can see a bow and an arrow.

Martial arts uniform emoji (πŸ₯‹):

A white uniform is displayed here. This uniform is used in martial arts, like – judo or karate. There is also a martial belt held together in this emoji.

Skateboard emoji (πŸ›Ή):

Who doesn’t love to skate? Here is the skateboard emoji, shown on some kind of platforms from the top and the underside view of the board is also shown.

We are becoming lazy day by day in these twenty fast century. So besides using activities emoji over different social media we should go out and have some fun while doing some kind of activities.

Believe me, activities are exciting. Those are the popular activities emoji which we can observe over the internet. Hopefully, more activities emoji will be added sooner.