Travel & Places Emojis meanings

Emojis are smileys that are popular on social media sites like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and others. Emoji can be divided into different categories like expressions of the face, objects, travel and places, sports, animals, and many more. Here, we are going to read about the emoji related to travel and places in detail.

🚗 – Automobile

The emoji shows a car that is facing the right side with its back facing the left side. The car is red in color, which can be seen on several social media sites.

The color red implies speed, i.e. fast. Only Android is the exception, where the car is silver in color. Earlier, the color of the car, in Android, was blue. The emoji is known as ‘Car’, exclusively for Apple users.

🚓 – Police Car

The emoji shows a car with a red siren on top, which is used in an emergency. The police car is different from the front-facing police car. It is shown sideways.

🚐 – Minibus

The emoji shows a small bus or often known as a van. The minibus implies a vehicle for less numbered people. This is not a large bus, more like a Tempo Traveller. The emoji is white in color on several social media sites. Only on Facebook, it is green colored.

🚎 – Trolleybus

The emoji shows a bus that is more like a metro. It has electric wires connected on top, which supplies power. This is more like a tram, which uses electric wires to move on the road.

🚨 – Police Car Light

The emoji shows a light that is red in color, seen on the police car’s head. This is mostly used in scenarios of emergency and also as a siren emitting a loud sound of caution. The emoji is known as ‘Police Car’s Light’, only for Apple users.

✈️ – Airplane

The emoji represents several meanings. Firstly, it shows an actual airplane. Secondly, to indicate a vacation abroad. And lastly, to show that the phone is on airplane mode. Facebook has started using this emoji as a reaction, from the month of July 2018.

🚀 – Rocket

The emoji shows a rocket, which also has fire behind it. It indicated the rocket being sent towards space.

💺 – Seat

The emoji shows a seat that can’t be moved. It can’t be shifted from one place to another. The seat is fixed in its place.

The emoji shows the immobile chair in any mobile place, for example, an airplane, a bus, or a train. Earlier, Google used the chair with a different outlook. The chair was made of wood and orange in color.

⚓ – Anchor

The emoji is made of metal. The anchor helps a boat from shifting places. It lets the boat stay intact.

⛱️ – Umbrella on Ground

A parasol in the open position. It is placed on the ground which protects people from the sun and provides shade. This is mostly seen in parks or at beaches. The emoji is known as ‘Beach Umbrella’, particularly for Apple users.

🌋 – Volcano

The emoji represents an erupting volcano. It is emitting red lava, producing heat and smoke.

🗻 – Mount Fuji

The emoji is also known as Fuji-San, which is the highest mountain located in Japan. Around the time of winter, the peak gets covered with snow.

🏠 – House

The emoji shows a house, which is often referred to as home when people reside in it. The house shown here is perfect for a nuclear family.

The house is completely opposite of a flat or apartment. The roof of the house represents it’s location to be in town or some village. The emoji is also known as ‘House Building’, just for Apple users.

🏢 – Office Building

The emoji shows a tall building, known as an office. It is located in metropolitan cities.

🏤 – Post Office

The emoji shows a post office which is a built-in European design. The building has a horn on the frontal side. The horn is generally used as a symbol for European Postal Services. The emoji is known as ‘European Post Office’, singularly for Apple users.

💒 – Wedding

The emoji indicates a wedding or marriage. It has love and heart symbols on top of the church for Christians.

⛪ – Church

The emoji shows a religious place for Christians, also known as the Church. The holy place holds silent prayer, weddings and also, funerals.

🗾 – Map of Japan

The emoji indicates the map of Japan. Only one country, i.e. Japan has it’s an individual map. Except for Japan, all of the remaining countries are represented in emojis of the world map or even in the emoji of the globe. The emoji also has a unique name, only for Apple users, ‘Silhouette of Japan’.

🌄 – Sunrise over Mountains

The emoji shows the scenic beauty of the sunrise. Early morning, just after dawn, the sun is rising from behind the mountains.

🌠 – Shooting Star

The emoji shows a fallen star, with light beaming from behind. The star is falling from the sky, hence the name Shooting Star.

🌇 – Sunset

The emoji shows a sky filled with orange tinge depicting a marvelous sunset. The sun is setting behind the city skyscrapers. The emoji is also known as ‘Sunset over Buildings’, just for Apple users.

🏦 – Bank

The emoji shows a bank, necessary for money deposit, withdrawal, and other related works. Every bank also works as an easy locator for ATMs.

🏪 – Convenience Store

The emoji shows a shop or a store, which is convenient for the customers. The store is not like any market or mall. It stays open for a longer duration of time, most probably, 24*7. The store keeps a variety of products from hygienic to snacks and also, household itineraries.

🏭 – Factory

The emoji shows a factory or an industry, which is emitting polluted gas from the chimney. The emitted smoke is also known as smog.

Emoji is one of the most important parts of any social media site. It helps people to save time and type a short and crisp message or update a status. An emoji is one of the most convenient ways of communication and with time, the number of emoji and categories are increasing more and more.